A London Electrician is a Capital Investment

So get out your ‘dog and bone’ and check that you have a tried and tested London electrician on speed dial next to your London plumber, the emergency services, your doctor and the pizza delivery guy. Never take the DIY approach to electricity. You can’t smell it, hear it or taste it and the first time you touch it may be your last. OK you can change a light bulb or wire a plug but it requires the professional skill and knowledge of a qualified ‘sparky’ to do anything more.

For example if you were to make a mistake when fitting a ‘simple’ one kilowatt portable radiator to a typical London wall socket, you could take four amperes into your body in a millisecond. You could well suffer heart paralysis, which basically means your heart stops working. You see, the average UK electricity supply rate is 240 volts, which makes four potentially lethal amps at the perfect frequency to kill the overconfident amateur or the unfortunate person who uses the faulty heater first.

A good London electrician is one who is not only local and familiar with the domestic and commercial supply requirements but is also qualified, certified and competent enough to guarantee the safety of any electrical work. The importance of having any electrical work done by the right person cannot be overstated. The Palace of Westminster and Tower of Big Ben Depend on it. The tourist in the Tower of London and the art lover in the Tate Modern would be lost without it. So while you may be shocked at the charges levied for skilled work you will not be literally given heart failure by a loose wire or an unearthed appliance.

Of course, if you are in business or renting space with electricity to another person the safety requirements of electrical work become a matter of legal obligation. Even more reason for putting your London electrician on speed dial rather than your solicitor. For example did you know that all portable electrical equipment, such as computers and all office equipment must be ‘maintained’? This is the term used by the Health and Safety Executive and while they do not specify any elaborate inspection and registration system, this is an implicit demand in the legislation.

The millions of shoppers who visit Oxford Street and Bond Street each month could not do without a consistent safe electricity supply. The economic powerhouse of the City of London and the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street need both money and electricity. To ask which is the more important is to ask an unanswerable chicken and egg question. Every small cafe, kebab shop and pizza parlour on the Tottenham Court Road is as dependent on the services of a good London electrician as are the gourmet restaurants in the Savoy and the West End theatre land.

This vital work can only be done properly by a qualified person who carries out regular inspection. Ninety five percent of all faults on portable equipment can be spotted at a visual inspection and put right quickly? This person must be registered and in turn should maintain a register of all equipment used in the course of business or tenancy. Likewise a ‘last inspected…do not use if over date’ label, attached to all electrical items is a very good way of preventing accidents. Accidents are bad for business in so many ways that taking on a London electrician is a good capital investment.